Splatter VHS

Caid Rhymes AKA Splatter VHS is an Australian horror romance author, synthwave composer, and filmmaker from Brisbane, Queensland. They are best known for their novel Slug Girl, which was published in 2022, and their 2013 film M is for Melt. 

They have also written the songs “Dark Beginnings” and “BMX Escape”, both of which were released in 2022. 

They have always been fascinated by the macabre and the dark side of human nature. This led them to pursue a career in writing and filmmaking, where they could explore the darker facets of the human experience.

Caid Rhymes


Pre Splatter VHS

Caid Rhymes started a Special Effects company in 2010 T3n31 Studios. No stranger to indie films, they have spent many decades working within the independent community teaching special makeup effects and helping on the sets of films produced in their local indie community.

Splatter VHS (2022)

The first teaser of Splatter VHS was on January 5th 2022, With a teaser image of a box in the process of being unpacked and Arriving Soon written on it that they released on the newly created Splatter VHS

Facebook Page

They can be found on most social media as @splattervhs

Current Projects

Caid Rhymes is currently working on the album Saibakira and the Squirmers Novel.

Saibakira – Splatter VHS


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